Question by  Christina26 (30)

What does Vera Wang smell like?

I need a gift for a friend.


Answer by  Kisha (116)

If your friend likes flowery smells then they'll love Vera Wang. It has a flowery, sweet kind of smell. Very sexy in my opinion.


Answer by  TaylorTeaches (6)

One would have to assume that Vera Wang smells quite good! Since she is a high fashion designer, I personally would picture her smelling of a fragrance that is earthy and mysterious, probably custom blended and definitely more expensive than any of the fragrance I currently have on my perfume tray.


Answer by  gmun (603)

It is a nice scent, quite light and sweet but not too sweet. I would say perfect for a gift.


Answer by  jaljl25 (547)

Well the vera wang princess smells really good but it also smells like baby powder. A lot of people don't like the fragrance but I actually liked it myself. If you want something that your friend will like than you should get something like FCUK Or just use the Lamb brand it's good.

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