Question by  Joe10 (15)

What does "tutti dolci" mean?

It's the name of a Bath & Body Works line.


Answer by  alykat (29)

This phrase is Italian for "all sweets". Basically Bath & Body Works is trying to evoke images of desserts and sweet things.


Answer by  Mu (21)

A bath product line of Bath & Body Works that focuses on sweet, rich scents. The name is in italian and means "all cakes". The line was discontinued to the dismay of devoted fans, but may be found online.


Answer by  Disneyphan (529)

"Tutti dolci" translates roughly to "All Sweet" in Italian. The whole line of tutti dolci has a sweet dessert theme.


Answer by  jsmith (2067)

The term tutti generally means all or everything and the term dolci means sweet, so the two together would mean something along the lines of "everything sweet" or "absolutely sweet". This makes sense as the names of the products in the line are desserts. Out of curiosity I looked into the ingredients, there's no special sugar, it's all marketing.


Answer by  ajax (186)

"Tutti" is the word for "all" or "everything", and "dolci" is the word for "sweet." Literally, it means "all sweet." As in English, this could mean "everything is sweet" or "completely sweet."

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