Question by  William (26)

What are some really sweet things to say to a woman?

I need some sweet things to say to my wife.


Answer by  olive8 (911)

Think about something she has done in the past 48 hours that made your life easier and then thank her for it. The simplest thank you can go far.


Answer by  Anonymous

you can always say that she´s the sunlight in your life or something like that, but tell the truth don´t say something sweet if you don´t mean it. focus on the positive things she does, if you like her hair and so forth.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Say the truth!!! Women don't like you to lie to them. So think of good compliments to tell her. If you like her hair, the way she smells or how beautiful her features are, tell her. She will appreciate it. Tell her how much you love her. She will love it.

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