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Question by  nmckenz (11)

What does the Rousseau Social Contract involve?

I need someone to explain the Rousseau Social Contract to me in basic terms.


Answer by  ljh (151)

Rousseau's Social Contract is an explanation of why we give some of our freedoms up to the group. We allow government to restrict certain of our freedoms because we get something in return; that something is an orderly society. We gain the freedoms allowed in a society governed by laws in return for accepting some limits to our own freedoms.


Answer by  Kit (558)

A lot of things from: Social Compact, The First Societies, The Right of Life and Death, Civil state, Real Property, Law, Various systems of Legislation, Democracy, Mixed Governments, The Division of the Laws, The institution of Government, Voting, How to Check the Usurpations of Government Elections Dictatorship, Civil Religion, Aristocracy et cetera


Answer by  Silverback (18)

It means that anyone who wants peace has to give up their sovernty to a government, king or other authority figure. The idea is that if you give up some of your rights to the authority then the authority can grant peace to anyone in its following. The contract was supposed to also allow for rebellion in case of tyrany.


Answer by  Jessec1007 (165)

The Social Contracat proposed by Jean Jacques Rosseau discusses the roles of individuals and government in a society. Famiies are defined as the first society.

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