Question by  mcjim256 (25)

What does soy coffee taste like?

Is it healthy?


Answer by  thattractorguy (2970)

It tastes the same as regular coffee, but it does not have caffeine it. Therefore, it is good for you. It also does not have any acid in it.


Answer by  eilrol (1431)

It's caffeine free so you won't get that strong taste of caffeine. It has a very herbally taste and yes it is very healthy.


Answer by  CC63 (406)

Yes! It is healthy but you are still drinking coffee which is NOT healthy for you, but soy tastes great & is a great milk substitute.


Answer by  KAS (393)

It is a healthy blend of soy beans and coffee beans that is brewed like regular coffee. The soybeans provide eight of the essential amino acids. It is flavorful and can help reduce the risk of heart disease.

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