Question by  lisel (18)

What does it mean if a therapist is "behavioristic?"

Don't all therapist focus on behavior, among other things?


Answer by  thehatinthecat (38)

It means that they're focused behaviors in a mechanical way, as if we are nothing but highly efficient computers, they exclude things that can't be quantified like the emotions behind why we do that behavior or what our motivations happen to be for doing that behavior in the first place.


Answer by  SarikOstheim (211)

In a general sense, yes, who study psychology do. However,"behavioristic" therapists probably concentrate on a specific therapy known as "behavior therapy." Again, this might sound redundant or vague, but behavior therapy is actually a therapy in which the therapist sets out with a patient using conditioning and other practices to alter and manipulate behavior patterns to even a subconscious degree.


Answer by  Supersadie (363)

A behaviour therapist doesn't seek to help you understand root causes from the past but uses techniques that help you learn to modify your thoughts and behaviour.


Answer by  jjpallad (34)

Some therapists focus on overt behavior; others see what is beneath the surface as the root cause of problems. A behaviorist believes the problem behavior is the problem. Insight therapists say changing behaviors does not cure probems. We need to understand the underlying reason for the behavior and change that.

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