Question by  silencer98 (7)

What does BB mean?

My friend always says he will have check his BB or he will look on his BB.


Answer by  luvlexis83 (798)

More than likely your friend has a blackberry phone and that is what he is talking about. He probably stores all types of information on it and can find more information on just about anything and has his schedule stored in it.


Answer by  Amber66 (59)

The term BB is short for BlackBerry (a type of smart phone device). His abbreviated term comes from shortened words used in text messages.


Answer by  Sally11 (78)

BB is short for his BlackBerry, a brand of smart cell phones and PDAs. He may be checking to see if someone called or texted or checking his calendar.


Answer by  youngdreamer (16)

BB is a short form used for the Blackberry, which is a smart phone created by the Research in Motion company in Canada. Other short forms include, berry and crackberry.

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