Question by  xojj (2)

What does "14K" and a sideways M mean inside a gold band?

Both things are stamped into the gold.


Answer by  cady (194)

14K stands for 14 karat, the purity of your gold. The sideways M may actually be a sideways W. If so, your ring was made by JR Woods & Sons.


Answer by  akaflyer (71)

14K stamped in a ring means that the ring is 14 karat gold. The sideways M is likely the trademark of the ring's manufacturer, which is required in all jewelry by law.


Answer by  valentinooo (10)

14K mean that this item is manufactured from 14K gold. 14K gold purity is 585 percents of pure gold. Purity is general stamp. M can be jeweller initial or size M.


Answer by  Granny60 (32)

The number and letter,14K, refers to the purity of the gold that the ring is made of. 14K equals 58.5%. The M stands for millimeter which refers to the ring size.


Answer by  megha61 (5)

14k inside a gold band means 14 karat ( i e ) purity of gold & sideways M inside a gold band can be read as W and is a hallmark symbol. this means that the gold is not fake ( i e) original with resale value at any time


Answer by  HelpfulAndy (1107)

The 14K stands for 14 carets. This symbolized the quantity of gold. 24k is the most gold. The sideways M stands methane, and this is the gas used in the jewelers torch.

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