Question by  nanners (20)

What do you think would be a good price to pay for a John Deer 310D.

It's a 1997, excellent condition.


Answer by  Jakecutter (1819)

I think somewhere around 400 dollars to maybe 600 would be a fair price to pay for a John Deer 310D. It is a good mower and if kept in good shape can last for what seems like a lifetime. I'm not sure what the actual value is for this but that's what I would pay.


Answer by  superchimp2012 (5)

I have seen them online and in recent publications selling for between $9000 and $11500. So around $10000 would be a fair price for a 1997 in excellent condition.


Answer by  fridzzy (3)

The good price to pay for it is around $20 to $30 thousand because the person who will buy this can use it good and for the long time.


Answer by  jayll (3)

i say about a good 4,500 for a tractor like that my bad sold a little farm tractor for 3,000 so i know right there u can get alot more or even the amount i said is the tractor in good condition are the tire new or used i mean people going to ask all these things.


Answer by  SAIJUV (2)

I will pay for this good vehicle john deer 310 11000 dollar.I think that is a good price for this model.

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