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Question by  Amber40 (24961)

Can you troubleshoot my John Deer mower blades that do not move but my mower runs?

My John Deer mower blades are not moving.


Answer by  LuckyDog (57)

The most likely cause would be a broken belt for the mower blades. Bad bearings on the mower blades will cause a squealing noise, and engine stalling.


Answer by  HJHammann (23)

First suspect is a faulty safety switch, usually located under the operators seat. Weight from the operator engages the switch, turning the blades on. You may disconnect the switch, and while seated on the running mower, short the two wires together. If this makes the blades run, the switch is faulty. Hope this gets you mowing again!


Answer by  rosslori6 (99)

The blades are driven by friction drive, pullys and a belt. With the mower off, engage the blades and chech the tension of the belt under the mower deck. If it is too lose you may need to replace the belt as the stretch over time.


Answer by  poolman158 (19)

Check the main belt for the mower deck. Be sure its routed correctly. If correct, then check to make sure PTO is working properly. It is located under the motor and is engaged by a clutch. It only turns the belt when engaged.


Answer by  Chris28 (34)

Possible drive belt failure, or transfer case issue. First inspect all belts, if belts are good, consult manual for location of shear pins on rotating shafts.


Answer by  lawnmowerman (94)

check and see if belt under mower deck is slipping or broken. if belt is ok check for anything obstructing pullys and blades from turning

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