Question by  brandy (52)

What do you think about tattoos?

All my friends have one, and I want one too.


Answer by  Aubrey (356)

I have tattoos and I love them. Once you get one, it can become pretty addicting. If you want to get one, I would recommend that you think long and hard about what you want to get. Don't get something you may regret like a boyfriend's name, etc. Also, make sure you go to a professional who does good work.


Answer by  unni (259)

I think tattoos have its advantages and disadvantages,it looks nice after the procedure is done with but the pain experienced is great and it is not always appropriate to all occasions or professions.


Answer by  Briana (172)

I think that tattoos are a great way of expressing oneself. Tattoos with meaning behind them are great, such as ones remembering the death of a loved one, or symbols with significance. Getting a tattoo just to get one though, is stupid in my opinion.


Answer by  tface1000 (147)

I like tattoos, but be honest with yourself. It's permanent! Don't do it for the wrong reason. You'll be stuck with it or have to pay for a painful removal.


Answer by  Taylor (863)

I have 4 tattoos, so my views can be biased; however, if you are considering getting a tattoo, don't do it because friends have them. Make sure they have meaning!


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Tattoos are permanent unless painfully, surgically removed. They detract from your appearance, making it harder to get a good job if it is visible to the interviewer. They can even prevent you from joining the military.

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