Question by  jat3435 (22)

What do you have to do to become a florist?

I love flower arranging and plants and flowers in general.


Answer by  Kia97 (20)

Flower clubs might help you out. If you can get training or an apprenticeship with a local florist, you can use that to get a qualification (e.g. NVQ) in floristry.


Answer by  jai79 (46)

Since you love arranging flowers, half the job is done in becoming a florist. You can enroll in a floral design school. All you need is creativity and customer focus.


Answer by  carryvan (148)

The most important thing you have to have in order to become a florist is a love of flowers. If you want to start your own floral company, you need to have the money and the resources to make that happen.


Answer by  y3636363 (1380)

Well you don't really have to do anything except have a great interest in flowers. If you love flowers then that is the perfect job for you. You just have to enjoy flowers.


Answer by  Anonymous

Well a safe bet is always floral design school. They can be hard to find, but there is enough accreditation that makes it worth it, in my opinion.

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