health procedures


Question by  melissa35 (21)

What do you do if the doctor's orders for surgery and the surgery consent form are different?

They have different kinds of surgery written on them.


Answer by  mbtoda (106)

Before doing anything i would insist you get the matter straightened out with your doctor in case of any errors.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Take the matter up with your doctor immediately. Also, when you go into the hospital or clinic, the surgeon will meet with you to discuss the procedure. Make sure that you clear up any questions you have. That is your right as a patient.


Answer by  jamieellison (1637)

Before any surgery occurs, confirm with the surgeon in a face to face meeting what type of surgery you are having. Only sign a corresponding consent form.


Answer by  dvogele (121)

Don't sign the consent form. You need to make sure everything matches up and the doctors/nurses should be checking that also. If there are errors either have a health professional update them and get you a new form or cross out the wrong information and update it and have yourself and the doctor initial the change.

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