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Question by  Kateline42 (27)

How can you prepare for cataract surgery?

My husband will be having caterat surgery next Monday, what things can I do to help him prepare for the surgery.


Answer by  rosieposey78 (1304)

A patient will prep the eye or eyes two days before surgery with prescribed anti-inflammatory eye drops and antibiotic eye drops. Unless otherwise indicated by the physician, altering medications is usually not necessary. A patient will need to arrange for someone to drive them home after the surgery.


Answer by  Mrscmrn (1449)

Follow your physician's preop instructions prior to cataract surgery. This usually includes having nothing to eat or drink after midnight. Your physician will also tell you what medications to take.


Answer by  caramelle0385 (84)

Comfort and assurance is key. Also, make sure that the weeks ahead don't involve any strenuous activities that involve excessive bending or lifting.

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