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Question by  Jackie17 (83)

What do they do differently for a root canal under a bridge?


Answer by  amber33 (1941)

In a tooth that does not have a crown or bridge, they drill a whole in the top of the tooth and perform the root canal through there and than they fill the whole with a filler until the crown is finished and ready to be put in. With a bridge they just take it off before root canal.

posted by Anonymous
I had a tooth that had a root canal. 3 years ago it needed a bridge over that tooth. Now the bridge fell off and they said it is bnecause of the tooth rotting. I think something was wrong with the bridge and also wouoldn't they know it rotted before  add a comment
Reply by bryandh (0):
I had a chipped tooth on my bridge. Dentist wanted to take a mold. Removing the mold pulled off my bridge along with part of a root-canalled tooth. He wants a new bridge after healing. Who should pay for it?  add a comment

Answer by  Sticky (363)

There should be no difference in the work done for a root canal whether it be under a bridge or not. However if your dentist is intending to use the root canal treated tooth as an anchor for the bridge, he/she may need to place a crown on the tooth, dependant on how much of the tooth's crown remains intact.

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Why wouldn't they know that before putting on a bridge-I had the root canal but they didn't think of putting a crown on and now the tooth rotted only 3 years later and bridge fell off! Did they make the bridge wrong-shouldn't they have to pay since it was 3  add a comment

Answer by  Katsescape (90)

If you have an existing bridge your dentist may make a small hole in the top or back of the bridge to access the nerve chamber in your tooth. After the root canal therapy has been completed they patch the hole in the bridge with composite material. Some dentists will advise you to get a new bridge.


Answer by  Sonya56 (65)

There isn't anything different that is done to for a root canal under a bridge. The type of burs (drill bits) may differ. ie diamonds burs instead of carbide burs


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Well, it may hurt more because they need to work carefully around the bridge. They will also apply maybe some more anaesthetics due to the level of pain that you might experience.


Answer by  dr84bhl (2789)

When you have a bridge three teeth are wrecked to fit the bridge. The teeth are filed down and the nerves are taken out. You do have a local Anaesthetic and do not feel anything when having this procedure.

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This doesn\'t answer the question at all. Obviously they know what it takes to get a bridge because they already have one. What does it take for a root canal needing to be done under a bridge?  add a comment
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I had a tooth pulled several years back and you could not see it when I smiled, was talked into a bridge by dentist and they did not explain they had to ruin2 more teeth to do it. problems ever since. would never go this route again!!  add a comment

Answer by  Anonymous

How long can a bridge last over a root canal-if it rotts and the tooth falls out should the dentist redue it an their expense if only 3 years in mouth.

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