Question by  curious97 (0)

What do newborn nursery nurses do?

I want to be a nurse who helps deliver newborn babies, feed them, and take care of them.


Answer by  malone (4817)

Obstetricians deliver babies, not nurses. Nurses care for newborns. Very often, healthy newborns are cared for by their mothers. NICU nurses specialize in the care of babies who are born with special needs and/or concerns. Nursing in the NICU is a specialty area.


Answer by  mayanmartha (84)

"Nursery Nurses" are called Neonatal Nurses. In addition to delivery/feeding, they perform the first checks of the babies senses and reflexes such as vision, hearing and grasping (moro reflex).


Answer by  mascota (639)

You need to be a qualified midwife or nurse to assist in the delivery suite but nursery nurses are employed in Maternity to help new Mums with feeding, changing etc.

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