Question by  betty (73)

What do I need to think about when I go buy pet fish?

I don't want to buy fish and them die immediately.


Answer by  abby39 (213)

First, you should decide what size tank you want. You will need a filter appropriate for the size of your tank. If you want tropical fish, you will need a heater. You should also do research on how to cycle a tank and set everything up before you buy fish.


Answer by  arlexia (123)

When looking into buying fish first buy the tank and then set it up for about a week without and fish in it. The water need to grow bacteria before you can add fish. After about aweek buy some fish. You might lose 1 or 2. As well dont clean the tank to much. Maby 1 time a month.


Answer by  sparky35 (196)

The biggest piece of advice for buying fish is homework. If there is a certain fish you like research it. The more you know the better success you will have.


Answer by  Valentine62 (2131)

Whether the fish be fresh water or saltwater, make sure they get the right environment. Nothing kills a fish faster than using the wrong type of water.


Answer by  Sue17 (136)

When buying a fish you need to thing about the quality of water your fish needs to live in along with where you will place it.


Answer by  silvernale (15)

You'll need to know what fish you want first.Then research what size aquarium you'll need, preferred water salinity/temperature, food, and what other species of fish can live with it.

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