Question by  xeroblade56 (97)

What do I need to put on a form that goes home to parents when a child bites or gets bitten while staying at my child care?

I have an in home child care and have for the first time experienced one child whom is biting.


Answer by  Melissa101010 (4405)

Send a note home to the parent of the bitten child so that they know what happened. Fill out an incident report, then make sure that you tell the child's parents that the child is biting and if it continues then you can not keep them anymore.


Answer by  jadeardurff (18)

Dear parents of (whoever has bitten someone else.)I'm sorry to inform you that your child has bitten (state the name of the child that was bitten) we are trying to work with your child and we hope you do the same. sincerely (then put your name) hope this helps!


Answer by  snessia (991)

Date and circumstances of the bite (what was happening when bite occurred). Location of the bite and severity (broke the skin, left a mark, etc. ). Treatment of the bite. Call both parents before they come pick up the kids. Don't name the biter or bitten to the other parent.


Answer by  Lakshmi65 (715)

Dear parents , Your child has been given warning since she / he has bitted the child, please instruct your child and advise them to behave in good manner.

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