Question by  Pandi (22)

How do I troubleshoot my Saturn Clutch slave?

My Saturn clutch is giving me issues.


Answer by  TravisUSMC (979)

The slave could have either a leakng hose, bad cap on the system or need to bled. I would first try to bleed the air out of the system. If that doesnt help then inspect and replace any leaky hoses.


Answer by  ijlalnoor (2656)

Check the fluid in the clutch reservoir. Is it up to the level, otherwise add brake fluid to it. You could also have a leaking hose or a bad cap which might be the cause of the problem.


Answer by  mechtech74 (692)

First, you should check the fluid in the clutch reservoir. If it is below the minimum line, add brake fluid to the reservoir. Next, locate the slave cylinder by looking near the border between the transmission and engine. You will see a small hydralic device with a lever. Check to see if it is leaking.


Answer by  johnvarghese (45)

Te fluid level in the clutch reservoir has to be checked.Check also whether there is a leakage in the hose.

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