Question by  eremkarakashhotmailcom (12)

What do I need to know about planting southern magnolia tree seeds in my yard?


Answer by  MadeleinaTallent (44)

Well where do you live? Okay if you live where it is colder you don't plant them in winter. You can hold the seeds by placing them in a ziplock baggie with some peat. Don't freeze them. You can refrigerate them for several months this wqy


Answer by  AlaskanBeauty (76)

I used a tray that I filled with light compost of two parts peat, one part loam and one part sand. Cover it with about half inch of compost. Cover the tray (or a pot if you use one) so it retains moisture. It takes about 4 weeks to germinate.

Reply by Divalicious (99):
Some varieties of Magnolia trees can take 15 to 20 years to produce a bloom. Use a good acidic fertilizer (stake form works) yearly to aid in flower production.  add a comment

Answer by  BlueEyes3b5 (121)

You've got to remove the red skin from the seed and get rid of the oily coating that is on it first. You do this by soaking the seeds until you can pop out the hard inner seed. If they float toss em. Plant them while they are still fresh

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