Question by  andy4us (75)

What do I need to know about getting and keeping a job for the mentally impaired?

I am helping my mentally impaired brother get a job.


Answer by  mirabelle3366 (120)

You need to work with your state's labor department...which will have programs designed for the mentally impaired. They will provide job coaching or other assistance to help keep the job.


Answer by  my2cents (264)

There are many community outreach programs that can help you. Government programs often pay some or all of the wages for businesses to hire people with different abilities. I would suggest checking with your local social services departments to find the community programs for people with your brother's abilities and then contact them. They will know the best information.


Answer by  working (311)

Often times I find the mentally challenged are some of the best employees, I however also only use a local special community service that is offered in most communities. Generally they can be found in the yellow pages or check with medical professionals. The community based programs provide an excellent means for physically and mentally challenged individuals.


Answer by  Darry (3853)

You should talk to your brother's social worker or other representative and any future employers to discuss his abilities. Try a temp agency they could help find a job.

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