Question by  mansi (521)

What do I need to know about budgie breeding?

i would like to start a budgie breeding business.


Answer by  Molae06 (1467)

There are certain breeding cages you will need to get from a local pet specialty store. Most domesticated birds fail to produce young unless they have an experiences breeder.


Answer by  Antony (169)

When breeding a budgie both the male and female you wish to breed should be at least one year old. Selecting a pair that is already bonded will help ensure a shorter time until they begin to mate and lay eggs. If you wish to breed for a certain variety,then u should learn about budgie varieties and genetics.


Answer by  sathu (157)

Budgie breeding is a most common popular pet bird which has the native Australia. If anyone wants to breed,he or she has to select healthy pair of budgies.


Answer by  aks (221)

If you are breeding budgies, both the male and female budgies should be at least one year old. If the pair is already close to each other, it will take less time. Each pair should be kept in a separate cage. They should be given a good diet.

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