Question by  rochelle308 (19)

What do I need to be qualified for reading teacher jobs for elementary or middle school?


Answer by  CarolynOsborne (2804)

Requirements for reading teachers vary from state to state. Probably along with regular certification for the age range that interests you, you will also need to take extra classes in literacy pedagogy. You may also need to take a special test for certification in this field.


Answer by  flamiss22 (5081)

You first have to get your degree from an accreditted instuitution. Then you have to get your certification from the state where you want to work in and then apply.


Answer by  olive8 (911)

In order to be qualified you will need a bachelor's degree from a 4 year university as well as certification by getting your credentials through the various teacher's exams. You should also check with your school district to see if there are further requirements.


Answer by  Danajayde (16)

Teaching reading is an exciting, challenging endeavor. Reading teachers are given the opportunity to present literature so that it inspires students to enjoy reading. For this reason, it is imperative that teachers are qualified. Having a genuine love for literature and an understanding of important reading skills are necessary components.


Answer by  Haylie (84)

In most states, the qualifications for elementary school (which is classified under elementary education) and for middle school (which is classified under secondary education) are different. In either case, you will need to take both a basic skills test (similar to the ACT) proving your knowledge and get a degree from a university.

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