Question by  chandrasekar (16)

What do I do about a faucet that is sputtering?


Answer by  primatefreak (1616)

Sputtering water from a faucet is due to the strainer/filter being clogged, probably from hard water deposits.Remove strainer at end of faucet with a wrench or pliers.Protect the finish on strainer by wrapping a rag on it before using any tool. Remove layers of mesh in strainer, wash each carefully, put back together. Re-install strainer.


Answer by  Joe80 (866)

You could try to test the pressure of your pipes, try calling a plumber to test the pressure. Or, you can see if there are any blockages in your faucet.


Answer by  Jakecutter (1819)

More than likely this is air in the line. Just turn those taps on full blast and let the water run the air out of the line.


Answer by  blenderman (40)

If your faucet is sputtering, you might have too much air running through the lines. One possible remedy for this would be to run the faucet for an extended period of time to release excess air. Try contacting a pro plumber as well.


Answer by  Suzanna (17)

I honestly do not know much about plumbing. First think I would do is check if the washer on the faucet was loose though. After that, I would try to establish if some part needed to be replaced. Then finally, I would call a plumber if all else failed.


Answer by  NickB (118)

A spuutering faucet could be suffering from 1 of 2 issues. The water pressure could be too high. To fix partially shut off water flow at the handle under the sink. The other issue is a cracked or improperly sized washer in the faucet head. To fix replace the washer.

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