Question by  worker6767 (11)

What did the White Witch represent in "The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe"?

Symbolism is tough to figure out.


Answer by  hazey (32)

The White Witch represents temptation and how something or somebody which is bad or evil can also appear beautiful. The desire for this beauty can then make you put aside your doubts about it and ignore your principles to give in to temptation and try and benefit in some way from the beauty.


Answer by  xela (349)

One popular theory about the White Witch (or Jadis as she is called in another Lewis book) is that she is meant to represent Lucifer with her temptation and her 100 year rule over Narnia. She is also the enemy of Aslan, who is meant to represent Jesus Christ.


Answer by  daveandrews (383)

The white witch symbolises evil, specifically through the descriptions of her as cold and frosty, this is in contrast to the good being symbolised with warmth. She is like the snow queen in Hans Christian Andersons fairy tales that followes along the lines of cold=evil. Which is ironic because hell is supposed to be very hot

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