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Question by  vickydeutsch (39)

What dentist will do dental work on trigeminal neuralgia patients?

I suffer from trigemineal neuralgia and am having a very hard time finding a dentist.


Answer by  Yen (320)

You should contact the american dental association for a referral to a provider in your area. You could also try contacting your physician that treats you for the trigeminal neuralgia.


Answer by  Melissa101010 (4405)

Most of the time you should see a specialist that deals just with your problems. Call your family dentist and see if they can refer you.


Answer by  SIDDHU (861)

A maxillo-facial surgeon can do dental work on trigeminal neuralgia patients after giving proper medications. It is better to start work only after differentiating dental pain from neuralgic pain by visualizing the triggering factors,location,duration and intensity of the pain.


Answer by  Matilda85 (45)

You should find a specialist like Dr Brian Finn in Cairns, Australia whom is a doctor as well as a dentist, or just a oral and maxillofacial surgeon, he may refer you on but at least the information is coming from the best in the field.

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