Question by  naseha (7)

What deep fryer oil is the best?

I think I could get better tasting food than I do now.


Answer by  alphaomega (14)

Simple canola oil is best because it doesn't impart a lot of flavour on the food and it is affordable, considering how much oil deep frying needs.


Answer by  Susan65 (24)

I would suggest using a peanut oil rather than vegetable or canola oils. Not only does peanut oil give a better flavor it's also healthier for you. Of course it cost a little more. I would also suggest purchasing a quality fryer. One that allows you to filter and reuse the oil. Cuts cost in the long run.


Answer by  bonobo (79)

If you're not allergic to nuts, then peanut oil is usually the best bet. It has a lot of flavor and a fairly high smoke point as well so you can fry foods faster and crisper.


Answer by  comegetit (75)

In my opinion crisco shortening is the best thing to use with your deep fryer. it can be used many times before you should need to replace the oil, and it gives your food a great taste.

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