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Question by  vlado (27)

What could neck pain for over a week mean?


Answer by  Leverenz (41)

If you have neck pain it could mean that you are either stressed or that you need to see a chiropractor to make sure your bones in your neck are alligned correctly.


Answer by  Melissa101010 (4405)

Neck pain for a week could mean several different things. You need to see how your posture is first of all. Then it could be the way that you are sleeping at night, it could be your mattress, and it could also be your pillow causing your continued neck pain.


Answer by  prudeylou (23)

There are many possible causes for neck pain, most of them are musculoskeletal (muscle strain) in nature, rarely are any life threatening if not in the presence of fever or other signs/symptoms. Sharp pain radiating down one or both arms can indicate a pinched nerve or arthritis.


Answer by  edbeale (40)

Well, it could be something as simple as a pinched nerve due to poor head support. You might want to invest in a new pillow with more support. It could help!

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