Question by  PenelopeMadere (32)

What could cause pain from your armpit to your elbow?

It doesn't hurt below the elbow.


Answer by  2Smooth (14)

Pain from the armpit to elbow could be caused from over use of the muscles in the upper arm. Lifting heavy objects, for example, could cause a pulled muscle. Lifting items in a rapid "jerking" motion can cause pain in the armpit. Working out with weights is also a common way to injure your bicep and tricep muscles.


Answer by  airman (49)

Pain could be caused by muscle strains or tendonitis. Nerve conditions could also contribute to the pain and it might be worth investigating to see if you have any peripheral nerve trauma.


Answer by  suzyqr (24)

It cold be a muscle pull or strain. Doing heavy lifting or holding something for a long period of time (such as weed eating) can cause muscle soreness in the upper arm.


Answer by  Atomicrayon (2504)

A fracture in your forearm from sporting or other high stress activities. Also, malnutrition is the leading cause of joint and bone pain.


Answer by  Dreamlight (856)

The most common injury to occur there would be a pulled muscle. You can just wait it out or soak it in epsom salts.

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