Question by  JamieSmith (23)

What could cause my engine to miss when the A/C is on?

My engine misses when the a/c is on.


Answer by  samman (80)

It could be your spark plugs. Take off the spark plugs and check each one for signs of corrosion or damage.


Answer by  jay34 (250)

It could be many things. The best thing to do is go to Autozone, Advance or a Auto store and they will hook your car to a OBD code reader and that Is the 100% way to tell what the vehicles problem is. At most places there is not charge for them to pull your codes.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Chance are you have some kind of internal problem. Something like a weak ignition may be the reason for the misfire. Have a mechanic give it a look over.


Answer by  gman36 (3)

Simply the a/c draws more power from your engine, if your engine is small (less than 2l) tnen it could miss or even stall easily, it's not a failt, it's simply that you may have a slamm engine. I recommend, switching off the a/c when going up hills


Answer by  zepman (25)

If your motor is a four cylinder its not a miss just the extra strain on the motor that gives a missing sensation. If its a 6 or 8 cylinder then you probably have a bad clutch on the ac compressor.


Answer by  Joey (16)

There could be a number of things that would cause this but the most common would be a worn out serpentine belt. The A/C is putting more load on the belt causing it to slip under more harsh conditions.


Answer by  audiocupcakes (346)

First off, there is more load on the engine when the A/C is on. You might want to try changing your plug wires, cap & rotor, or the opti unit.

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