Question by  samus42 (24)

What could cause a wet floorboard when running the air conditioner in a Town and Country?

The floorboard is only wet while the air conditioner is running.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

This is a pretty common occurrence. You have a clogged condenser drain tube. When it is clogged condensation build up in the system and leaks into the cabin.


Answer by  green (31)

Condensation is normal and drains out of the AC box through a small hose and onto the ground. Yours is blocked and needs to be cleaned.


Answer by  Mechanoman22 (46)

Your drain hose is likely unplugged. To locate it look low on the firewall on the passengers side of the vehicle.


Answer by  esteban (1334)

If this only occurs when your AC is on, it is because your condensation drain is clogged. Locate the drain and clear it out, this should fix the problem.


Answer by  worker4321 (104)

I'm almost sure that the air conditioner is broken. Maybe you know that some air conditioners work with water,so it's very possible that a pipe is broken an there's the leak. Try to replace the whole system with a new one and you shouldn't have problems anymore. If this is over your budget,search for the broken pipe and replace it


Answer by  ElectricDave (80)

Most air conditioned vehicles have a condensate drain, which drains the water removed from the air in the condenser portion of your vehicles A/C system. Occasionally this tube can become cracked or clogged, causing this system to spill the water (condensate) into the main cabin of the vehicle, especially when the outside air humidity is high. Inspect the drain tube.

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