Question by  MSet (30)

What could cause a shooting pain into a tooth?


Answer by  jodiahz (110)

If the pain is moderate it could be a crack in the tooth that would be affected by air and anything you might drink or eat. If the pain is severe it could be an abcess that has attached to the tooth underneath the gum. The pain could also be from an exposed nerve in the tooth.


Answer by  buggy418 (632)

This could be an abscess. You can test this by tapping your toothbrush on the tooth. If this causes pain I recommend going to a dentist. An abscess is an infection under the tooth. The dentist will give you an antibiotic to relieve the infection. He will start the process of a root canal. This procedure takes several visits.


Answer by  pradhaprajgmailcom (1518)

If you have tooth decay it will show pain.If the gum becomes weak the root starts to shake the upper portion of the tooth.The dangerous tooth disease may cause this type of pain.Did you have any accident in which your tooth was hurt? consult a dentist.Did you pick tooth with pin?It may also cause pain.


Answer by  Nancy80 (31)

I have gotten shooting pains in some of my teeth since I was a little kid. Although I have had some cavities, the pain has not been associated with that. My dentist says I have a sweet tooth. Sometimes when I eat something sweet I get a very sharp shooting pain. The pain is sometimes caused by cold food also.

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