Question by  hvinson0310 (14)

What could be wrong if my neck feels sunburned?

It's not actually sunburned. It just feels like it.


Answer by  lovelizzy (170)

A burning sensation on the skin, especially sensitive areas like the neck, could be an allergic reaction. Stop using any perfumes or lotions and consult a dermatologist about the sunburned feeling.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

It may feel like it's sunburned but really it could have just gotten too much sun. If you have been out in the sun all day your skin always gets really warm. Parts that were exposed to the sun too much will tend to burn but other parts feel like they were burned.


Answer by  rys (286)

You could be having a reaction to your shampoo or hairspray. Take a shower and rinse the area well. See if there is any improvement. It is most likely a allergic reaction. If it does not immediately feel better consult your doctor.


Answer by  angiem1981 (1059)

The skin could be dry or otherwise damaged or irritated. In addition, it could be an allergic reaction to a bath or lotion product, as well as many other things. A pulled muscle in that region can cause the skin to be warmer than normal and cause inflammation too, leading to that sunburned feel.

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