Question by  AE (18)

What could be the cause of pain in the back right side of my head?


Answer by  diva (168)

It could be that your neck needs to be adjusted. Start with a Chiropractor and you should have better results that if you went to your Primary Care Physician.


Answer by  ziawaziri (36)

It could be due to inflamation due to infection, Muscle contraction due to tension, Vascular headaches occur due to abnormal functioning of the blood vessel or due to Traction


Answer by  jodiahz (110)

If the pain is moderate to severe it could be due to stress, pinched nerve, moved vertabrae in neck, start of migraine headache or stress.


Answer by  RyanGregg (37)

You might have been hit in the head there, or sustained a concussion. Or it could be a simple cluster headache.

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