Question by  mrg971 (1)

What I do to get rid of lower back pain that wakes me up at night?

I've been having low back pain that wakes me up at night with alternating head pressure or head aches every day for the last 6 weeks.


Answer by  Catydid (146)

This sounds like a possible imbalance of the atlas bone in the neck which may cause pressure on the entire skeletal system. When there is both back pain and headaches at the same time, a chiropractec adjustment of the atlas bone (located at the base of the skull) is helpful.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

I am assuming since this has been doing on almost two months that it's not just a back ache. I would go to your doctor and tell him about your aches and paints. It could be caused by something major.


Answer by  bash (1026)

Avoid sleeping on soft beds. Avoid using pillows. If possible, sleep on a coat straight away, spreading a bedsheet withour a bed. Few days you may feel discomfort but you wil get relief for your back pain. Don't use any pain killers which will upset your stomach also.

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