Question by  gorchuck (29)

What could be the cause of my baby vomiting after eating rice cereal?

Could it be an allergy?


Answer by  jag (278)

Depending the age of your baby it may or may not be an allergy. While I kinda doubt it anythings possible. If your baby is still little there stomach probably just isn't developed enough to digest it yet. I would wait a month then try again. If it is an allergy they will probably develop a rash.


Answer by  brandi10 (816)

Rice cereal is a grain that is sometimes difficult for babies to digest. It could also be that he or she ate too much of it. I would recommend trying a wheat cereal instead and see if the problem continues. Make sure to dilute the cereal to a very watery consistency with bottle milk.


Answer by  snessia (991)

It could be an allergy, but most babies can tolerate rice cereal. If you are making it with formula, that could be the issue. It could also be that your baby isn't ready for cereal of any kind. Some babies need longer for their digestive systems to develop to the point of tolerating "solid" food.


Answer by  a64 (13)

One reason may be that the child is not feeling well . Maybe the child ate too fast . However, in my experience as a mother, a child will vomit rice cereal because they are allergic. The simple solution to that issue is to try another cereal, such as oatmeal.


Answer by  jlwilson6 (1098)

It is possible that the infant over ate when eating the rice cereal. Pediatricians recommend that you shouldn't feed the infant anything other than milk until at least 4 months. Then introduce rice cereal. If it is given in a bottle on add about a tablespoon. The infant will over-eat when they are taking it from a bottle.


Answer by  Chiflis (19)

Hard to believe but can happen, rice cereal should be easy in most babies but not all. Try a different brand if he still vomits than ask your doctor.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Often times babies will vomit not from allergies but from overfeeding. If your baby is allergic he will show signs of a rash and if it's a bad allergy he could have trouble breathing.


Answer by  diva25 (4016)

It is probably an allergy of some sort. I would recommend that you stop giving your baby rice cereal and see what happens.


Answer by  jaime24 (744)

Mabey your baby is allergic to rice cereal, or his belly is not ready to digest so many carbohydrates yet.

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