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Question by  pukalo (13)

What could be causing the loud noise from the intake area of a Ford 4.0L engine?

I hear this in the intake area under the hood and I need to know if I should take the car to a mechanic.


Answer by  MechaNick (146)

Hmmm,doesn't sound good,A mouse in the garage could have been using your air cleaner as a basketball hoop with one of your top flight golf balls. I would say if you can not visually see anything it probably is an internal problem ,Yes I would say take it to a mechanic for repair.


Answer by  aratliff (111)

The noise could be simple and not require a mechanic. For example, it could just be a dirty filter, or the bolts connecting the filter to the cylinder head could be loose. It would require a mechanic if there is a bad gasket on the intake manifold, or it could be more serious like a cracked cylinder head.


Answer by  Bryan (77)

Have you checked to see if your oil pressure or oil level is ok? If you have done this your intake Valves maybe damage. Also look if these donnot work try using a higher octane gas and gas additive to see if that will correct the problem. If not contact a garage


Answer by  Joe95 (10)

It could be some object stuck in your intake area or could be a puncture or small hole. Having either one of these symptons can cause noise. Take a look and inspect the area before you go to a machanic.

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