Question by  arulsparks (15)

What could be causing me to have sudden double vision?


Answer by  Louise (94)

Most likely there is a medical condition which has been developing for some time which has finally gotten to a point where it is causing the double vision. Some diseases which cause it are very serious, so get to an eye doctor immediately.


Answer by  marouan (30)

Many people suffer from sudden double vision , I have the same probleme. and I ask some people who told me that the the use of the computer for a long moment cause it, in addition of watching tv all the day . you can switch on the light during your watching .


Answer by  sparthers (18)

You may be experiencing double vision due to a recent head injury. With trauma to the brain, there is an increase in the risk of damage to the five senses. Seeing double images could be a warning that a head injury was more damaging than it seemed at first.


Answer by  3orabi (104)

There are many causes of double vision some of them are in the eyes such as problems in the cornea such as infections(which is usually unilateral), in the lens (cataract) , in the eye muscles (mysthenia gravis) , in the nerves (multiple sclerosis) or the brain (stroke).

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