Question by  Paul55 (23)

What could be causing hip pain when I go running?


Answer by  Julie2009 (12)

Hip pain could be several different things,including muscular tightness. After a year of inactivity, when I began walk/running again, I had hip pain because my hip flexors were so tight. Physical therapy and stretching helped a lot!


Answer by  MissAmbitions (56)

Hip pain can be caused by bursitis, which is an inflammation of the fluid sacs that cushion joints. Repeated movements and pressures can aggravate the bursa found in hip joints, causing slight pain while running.


Answer by  pradhaprajgmailcom (1518)

If you have problem in your hip joints gone unnoticed, the pain may occur, what ever work you do.Some time running after a heavy manual work too cause pain in hip region.Another reason is,the joints becoming too tight to show movement. after delivery this pain may come.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

1. It could be caused by overuse. 2. You could have developed arthritis of the hip. 3. The joint could have been injured by a sharp jolt.


Answer by  Anonymous

Hip pain can also be a sign of a stress fracture. I increased my mileage by more than the suggested 10% and ended up on crutches for 8 weeks!


Answer by  Brianna91 (19)

There could be a problem with the joint in your hip. The cartilage could be wearing down and this could be a sign of early arthritis.

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