Question by  lita (135)

What could be causing a sharp pain in my left hand when I am sleeping?

I feel the pain every night.


Answer by  HawaiianGirl (6906)

If you lay on your left side, or on your left arm, this could be causing the pain. Try changing the way you sleep.


Answer by  sanityrose (2664)

There are several problems that could be causing your left hand pain during sleep. You could have carpal tunnel syndrome, a pinched nerve in your arm, or a disk problem in your neck. Each of these problems can cause pain when the area is laid upon while sleeping. Mention the pain and ask for an MRI next doctor visit.


Answer by  2Smooth (14)

The pain in your hand could be circulatory. Also, a systom of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome is a "tingling" sensation felt at night. A pinched nerve could explain the pain.


Answer by  phoenix85 (366)

Be careful that you're not sleeping with your left arm in a position that is putting pressure on the muscles in your left arm.


Answer by  airman (49)

It could be because your heart is not receiving enough blood for some reason. If you are sleeping on your hand, it might also just be nerve compression.


Answer by  Karen54 (971)

This could be the beginning of carpel tunnel syndrome. Once you are asleep, your hand will fall into a natural position that may be pinching the nerve that runs through the tunnel in your wrist. An orthopedic surgeon will order a simple electronic test that will determine if the tunnel has been constricted and offer options.


Answer by  ferfer72 (2623)

It probably has something to do with what you do when you're awake. It sounds like tendonitis--where you have over-used it.


Answer by  brooklyn (374)

This pain in the arm while sleeping is most probably caused by the way you are sleeping. When sleeping sometimes nerves are compressed usually in the shoulder area.


Answer by  suzyqr (24)

It could be from sleeping with your weight on your hand, from a cyst in the wrist pressing on a nerve, or carpel tunnel syndrome.


Answer by  bash (1026)

You might have practised sleeping by keeping your left hand under the head. People having heart ailment also may have pain particularly on left hand. Better to consult a Cardiologist and confirm that your lipid profile test is normal. Avoid sleeping by keping your hand under the head.


Answer by  Dhivyacomcubegmailcom (86)

There are many things that may cause numbness in an individual's left hand. Left hand numbness could be caused by a repetitive-stress motion disorder.

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