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Question by  Sophia (24)

What could be causing a momma cat to have diarrhea?


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

Postpartum diarrhea is not uncommon, but you need to check- birth can trigger roundworms, and this is the most common cause of diarrhea. You can treat for roundworms without endangering the kits, but check w/the vet. Make sure she is eating, and not dehydrated, if the kits are having diarrhea, you need a vet. Dehydration is quickly fatal in kittens.


Answer by  ashley31 (263)

This can be rather common as the whole birth process has stressed a mother cat's system. It's nothing to worry about if it lasts no more than a few days


Answer by  doigerooney (66)

Its quite possible that the mother cat has a fever, or some sort of sickness causing it diarrhea. Most of the time, cats will work their ailments out by themselves.


Answer by  koplay (16)

Causes for a Momma cat to have diarrhea can be due to many things. It can be that she ate something that is making her sick. She might also be malnourish, and dont have enough vitamins in her system to help her body digest the food.


Answer by  angeleve (5)

Cats can get diarrhea for many reasons. Sudden changes in a cat's diet (including eating table scraps) often causes diarrhea. Other causes are if the cat has ingested poison, or if it has intestinal parasites.


Answer by  Kelmaz (339)

A cat sometimes injests the placenta when giving birth which can lead to diarrhea. However sometimes their food is too rich or it can be due to an infection so it is best to have it checked by a vet just to be on the safe side.


Answer by  pradhaprajgmailcom (1518)

If they over ate cooked or raw flesh which might have infected before cooking,might cause diarrhea.The cats eating decayed raw food also a reason.very rarely the climate change may cause this.If they drank contaminated water or had an attack of food poisoning lead to this.


Answer by  diva25 (4016)

All Mama cats have diarrhea. It comes from the fact that they have to clean up the baby's mess. There really is nothing you can do for her, you just have to let it run its course.

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