Question by  arpitbathma01 (262)

What colors should you wear on your wedding day?


Answer by  SashaDarkCloud (5764)

Traditionally, white or creme for the bride and black or white for the groom. I have seen red, black, and purple wedding dresses. So, any color that you want.


Answer by  suze (333)

It's your day. You should wear any color that you so desire. White doesn't necessarily denote purity by today's standards.


Answer by  anne (336)

I believe every color is OK for YOUR wedding day, however popular superstitions tend to forbid certain colors; like yellow (color of unfaithfulness) or black (mourning).


Answer by  Blossom9283 (358)

Most brides will wear a white or an eggshell colored dress. But also traditionally you want to wear something old, new, borrowed and blue (suggested as accessories) for good luck.

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