Question by  Lola44 (40)

What colors go best with green?

My new house will be mostly shades of green.


Answer by  MichaelSahiri (17)

Green goes best with with brown, white, or a mixture of both colors. For a darker shade of green, try complementing it with white, beige and/or cream. For lighter shades of green, try darker tones of brown, chestnut and sienna to add a more environmental feel to your home.


Answer by  noosh (673)

Green and red are a nice combination. Use red as an accent color since it's a strong color. In addition to the red accent you can also add a neutral color, like a cream color in order to even things out. If you use green the most in your room, add cream and use red in the least amount.


Answer by  Doris59 (1647)

Green is a great color to team with other colors to get different, interesting looks. As you have a variety of shades of green here are a few suggestions. Lime green and black can be every effective. Green and maroon, dark green and pale blue. Pale green with darker greens.


Answer by  wendym1597 (224)

all colors go good with green. Mostly light colors tho, and some dark colors. Blue goes good, light and dark, red, black, dark pink, white, orange, purple, and mostly all the colors in the rainbow. It also depends on the color green it is, if its light or if its dark.


Answer by  wantnot (305)

Something in the red family will contrast with green and work well for accents and accessories. Think about shades of orange, like peach or terra cotta, if you like the idea of pastels or a spring feel to your room. A deep burgundy paired with green would be nice for lodge style decor.

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