Question by  Denise (12)

What color nail polish do you wear with a purple dress?

I need nail color suggestions.


Answer by  ao (54)

Nails can be beautiful with no polish whatsoever, but if you want to wear polish and are wearing a purple dress try a neutral color or black. A neutral color can range from clear to rose tinted. Or go with black; either one would look attractive with a purple dress.


Answer by  Topea (90)

A good color to go with purple would be natural colors. A copper or gold would look nice, or a glossy beige.


Answer by  Anonymous

i think that this nail polish by ULTA - Pink Ice, would look really nice with a purple dress. It's kind of a sheer-ish shimmery pink/peachy color.


Answer by  Danie (993)

You could wear nude tones or you could go with a purple color like a plum or a lavendar. It is really up to you what you choose to do and what looks best with your skin tone and length of your nails. If you have short nails the dark purple looks good.

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