Question by  Angel4true (38)

Where can I find information about how to choose the most flattering clothes for my body type?

The things I pick don't always work.


Answer by  Alex8 (19)

When I need inspiration for clothes that will look good for my body type, I look in fashion magazines at celebrities that are close to my weight, fashion taste, and body structure. Doing this helps me to pick out trends that work for me. I also Google image celebrities, that are close to my size, and mimic their attire.


Answer by  HeidiW (371)

You should either ask a specialist or do some searches on the internet, as there are lots of sites that help you figure out which outfit fits you best. The also have guidelines so you can define your body type, and what clothes would emphasize your qualities.


Answer by  Diana65 (10)

Women's magazines like, Glamour, Cosmo, Vogue and Redbook often have sections that will break down which fashions go with each individual silouette.


Answer by  Southernflair (5)

First thing you need to do, is find what type of body type you have. Always buy your size and, if needed, go a size up. You can always take the clothes to a seamtress, they can work wonders. Most of all you need to feel good in the clothes.

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