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Question by  JeremiahJohnson (88)

What cold be causing something hard coming from my gums?

I have noticed a hard substance coming from my gums and have no idea what it is.


Answer by  Sticky (363)

If it's white and hard and mostly behind your lower front teeth it's calculus caused by minerals in the saliva hardening plaque not cleaned. See a hygienist.


Answer by  Sonya56 (65)

A possible explanation could be calculus or tarter. Calculs forms when plaque calcifies because of the salts that are found in saliva. When plaque sits on teeth without removal it gets hard over time. The best way to remove all calculus is to visit the dental hygienis or dentist. Plaque should be removed (brush teeth)at least once every 24 hours


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Well the hard substance could be some plaque or also food that was left in your house from not too long ago. Also, it could be a filling cap that has been fallen off


Answer by  ihatetv (581)

Sometimes when wisdom teeth are removed, they are broken to make extraction easier. Little shards of tooth may fist their way through the gums later. Happened to me last year.


Answer by  MikeG (1650)

This could be a sign of a subaceous cyst or some other result of gum disease, including the dreaded gingivitis.


Answer by  ktow70 (305)

this hard material is most likely tarter or calculus which is hardened plaque that can be very hard to remove. a thourough dental cleaning done by a dental hygenist can remove this hard substance with special instruments. and to keep it from coming back every six months you should have a good dep cleaning done.


Answer by  bash (1026)

Your gums are swelled due to some infection and pus is coming out which will have foul smell. If you talk to others, they will feel the smell. The Dentist may advice you to take the dental x-ray to find out the cause or he may prescribe some antibiotic.


Answer by  Renee22 (12)

I think it could be a cold sore. Sometimes people get cold sores for no apparent reasons. If that's not it I would recomment going to see a dentist, who could give you something for it.

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