Question by  winetou1984 (17)

What chemicals kills lizards?


Answer by  GottaLottaPets (79)

Most lizards in general are very sensitive to any and all chemicals, but bleach is especially toxic because of the fumes. Most household chemicals are not good for lizards and you should be sure the enclosure is completely dry before putting your lizard back in. Pesticides are also highly toxic, so be sure to wash any vegetation you give him.


Answer by  dhuoda (1431)

Lizards are very sensitive creatures and can be affected very fast by anything touching their skins. They do not have to eat something to be killed by it. The short answer is that almost all chemicals can kill lizards, even in small amounts.


Answer by  Dragon7 (150)

I'm assuming that the chemicals you're asking about pertain to pest control. If that is the case then any of the commonly used pesticides will kill many species of lizards. But I must say that lizards are very good pest control themselves. And it would be unwise to kill wild lizards for that reason.


Answer by  Anonymous

you all are talking experience in the field says that we have no chemical which can effect lizards.


Answer by  kiranraj (0)

better put the gum pad on them and through to garbage

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