Question by  Kate75 (35)

What causes you to get a headache when you cry?

I get a really bad one every time.


Answer by  ktt (355)

Crying causes headaches by dehydrating you. To prevent a headache, be sure to drink lots of water or other liquids. When you get hydrated again, your headache should go away.


Answer by  maryA (42)

When you cry a lot, you dehydrate yourself, and that contributes to the headache. Also, the built up pressure in your head contributes.


Answer by  diva25 (4016)

That would be because you are stressed out. Usually when you cry it stresses you out. When you are crying remember to breath since it can be hard to do when you are crying.


Answer by  Rhai (16)

It is a physical response to an emotional situation causing your headache. Your eyes tear up, and for some people that causes your head to hurt.

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