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Question by  steve51 (9)

What causes malaria?

I thought it was eradicated but it's not.


Answer by  feodin (201)

Malaria is caused by one of 4 parasites called Plasmodia. They are transmitted via mosquito bites. Most types are found in South America, Africa and Asia. Malaria has re-emerged following the banning of DDT, which used to control the mosquito populations of the vector mosquitos.


Answer by  GilFinn (2065)

Malaria is a tropical disease, found mostly in African countries. It's transmitted to humans by mosquitos and was "nearly" eradicated until the use of DDT was banned worldwide.


Answer by  pieface (273)

Millions of people are infected with Malaria annually. It is generally spread through bites from female mosquitoes. It presents with flu-like symptoms and is most widespread throughout warm underdeveloped nations.


Answer by  John (9008)

Malaria comes from a microscopic parasite. It is carried by mosquitoes. It is actually a major public health problem in many developing countries, particularly where there is a warm climate.


Answer by  sadasada (146)

Malaria is caused by mosquito bites; more specifically, mosquito bites can transfer a type of parasite into the blood stream that attacks red blood cells.


Answer by  fyribooks (10)

female anopheles mosquito, transmits the malaria virus most commonly. The effect of the virus has been MINIMIZED but NOT eliminated , by targeting the mosquito's habitat. Antiviral RNAi has already been used to confer resistance to dengue virus in transgenic mosquitoe's. Experiments to enhance the mosquito's ability to resist the virus are ongoing, This may result in eradicating the disease.

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