Question by  saravana (31)

What causes heart palpitations with pregnancy?


Answer by  Greta (233)

Pregnancy hormones affect the heart. Progresterone causes changes that are needed in order to pump enough blood for the increased needs in pregnancy. Additionally, blood volume increases with pregnancy, so the heart has to work harder.


Answer by  THEMEDIC (50)

Heart palpitations during pregnancy are generally caused by stress, magnesium deficiency, caffeine, strenuous exercise, general illness like a fever, alcohol, nicotine, or some recreational drugs. Pregnancy associated health conditions like anemia and hypoglycemia can also cause palpitations.


Answer by  butterfly (43)

During pregnancy there are changes in blood volume which can cause these palpitations. Women are under a of of new stress which can increase heart rate and lead to palpitations.


Answer by  quada13 (139)

It is not an uncommon side effect in pregnancy to have heart palpitations. With the increase in blood volume and the extra work the heart has to now do, even the thyroid is in over-drive, thus palpitations often occur. Another cause may be the additional weight the mother has gained.

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